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“Design a life you love to live. Create the business you crave and deserve. I’ll be by your side, coaching, inspiring & empowering you to do it all.”
Fatima Mohammed

Who’s Fatima?

Fatima is the mastermind and founder behind BEA; her own vision and mission to inspire and empower women to redesign their life and business, to rekindle the flames of their self-love, confidence, and fuel their optimal performance. Fatima is the Business Coach on a mission to transform all the impossibilities in your life into wonderful realities; she does so armed with a contagious smile and a pair of red heels.

Fatima fuses her rich background to craft and offer a fully-immersive experience of growth, support and exceptional results to her clients. She draws her inspirational methods and know-how techniques from her flavourful course in life as an Entrepreneur,  Personal Coach, Business Consultant, International Speaker, Amazon best-selling Author,   eternal dreamer and action-taker.

Ms Mohammed has learnt from the best in the in realm of coaching, entrepreneurship and personal development, including: Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Brandon Burchard, Russel Branson, Jamie Kern Lima, Dean Graziosi, Bossbabe’s Natalie & Danielle… She continue to invest in herself and business as both grow and prosper.

Check below for some of the key highlights in Fatima’s Career.

In 2020, Fatima launched Better Ever After, BEA, an online platform that has offers a variety of services, including: Teaching English, French, Turkish, Arabic to adults and children; creative writing: resumes, professional letters, research papers; international exams’ prep: IELTS, TOEFL, TCF, DALF, DELF; trainings & workshops: Startup, Venus, Teachers’ Secrets.

The BEA Team, carefully selected and exceptionally qualified, has catered to customers from over 20 countries: Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Canada, USA, France, South Africa, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Malaysia, Oman, Bahrain, Iraq, Yemen, Morocco, Hungary Finland...

BEA has bigger plans for the future as it wishes to serve more customers worldwide and make good on its promise for a Better Ever After.


  • Trainer & Host, My Best Ramadan, March 2022
  • Trainee, Tony Robbins UPW, March 17-20 2022
  • Crafted and launched BEA’s first line of Planners; Design Your Life, 12 December 2021
  • Trainer, Why You Shouldn’t Start Your Startup, October 2021
  • TV Guest, ENTV, Investing in One’s Growth, August, 2021
  • Trainee, BossBabe Societe for female entrepreneurs, August 2021
  • TV Guest, ENTV, What Comes After Bac? July 2021
  • TV Guest, ENTV, Finding Happiness During a Pandemic, July 2021
  • TV Guest, ENTV, How to Make the Most out of Summer, June 2021
  • TV Guest, ENTV, Exam Prep, May 2021
  • TV Guest, ENTV, When Will Celebrate You? April 2021
  • TV Guest, ENTV, Women’s International Day, March 2021
  • Author, A Few Inches Higher Towards My Dreams, February 2021.
  • TV Guest, ENTV, Victim or Owner?, February 2021.
  • Press Release, Al-Watan, February 2021
  • Speaker, The Power of Being You, Global Businesswomen Conference, Berkeley Investors Club, UK-ME, January 2021.
  • Newspaper article, Success Habits, Al-Hiwar, January 2021.
  • TV Guest, ENTV, Bullying, January 2021
  • Speaker, Is Comfort Worth It? WikiStage Constantine, December 2020.
  • TV Guest, ENTV, Social Media & Influence, December 2020
  • Guest Speaker, International Day of People with Disability, Constantine, December 2020
  • Author & Narrator, Higher Heels, Bigger Dreams, Audiobook, December 2020
  • Teacher- Trainer, The 7 Secrets of Outstanding Teachers Workshop, November 2020
  • TV Guest, ENTV, Official Audiobook Announcement, November 2020
  • Winner, The Better Life Challenge, by Dean Graziosi, November 2020
  • Trainee, World Summit, by Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi, October 2020
  • Trainer, GYSO Malasyia, October 2020
  • Business Consultant, Girl 2.0 Canada, Pitch Perfect, October 2020
  • Trainer, Hult Prize Tlemcen, Chance Takers – Change Makers,  October 2020
  • Guest Speaker, Nespeakiw, US Embassy, Online, September 2020
  • Trainer, Shine Like the Star You Truly Are, Akhlak University Club, September 2020
  • #1 Most followed on Goodreads, Algeria, August 2020
  • Event Manager & Organiser, Transform your Life, August 2020
  • CEO-English Teacher, Better Ever After, Online, July 2020
  • Author Interview, Al-Watan, July 2020
  • Trainer, Webinar, Stand Out with a Resume Done Right, July 2020
  • Press Release, Al-Watan, July 2020
  • Author Interview, Dr Melissa Caudle, US Blogger, June 2020
  • Higher Heels, Bigger Dreams, Book, Amazon, June 2020
  • Tony Robbins Results Coaching Program, USA, April 2020
  • Consulting Coach, BeepDoc, Online App, April 2020
  • Speaker,  WikiStage Global Union, This, Too, Shall Pass, Online, April 2020
  • NLP Master Practitioner, Priority Academy, UK, March 2020
  • Workshop Trainer, Malak Academy, Biskra, February 2020
  • Speaker, WikiStage Ain Mlila, From Mission Impossible to Fireworks, Algeria, February 2020
  • Speaker, WikiStage El Eulma, Once Upon a Change, Algeria, January 2020
  • Workshop Trainer, Al-ShihabCenter, Setif, December 2019
  • Workshop Trainer, First Step School, Jijel, December 2019
  • Workshop Trainer, Be the Change Club, Algiers, December 2019
  • Speaker, TEDx Skika, The Sky Is Not the Limit, Algeria, October 2019
  • Happiness Life Coach, Transformation Academy, USA, October 2019
  • Speaker at TEDx Jijel, A Mile in Her Shoes, Algeria, August 2019
  • Royal Club Guest, KSA, February 2019
  • Co-Author, Tear the Veil, United Nations, New York, March 2019
  • Amazon Best-Selling Book, Tear the Veil, Kindle Edition, 5 categories, February 2019
  • Events Co-Organizer, The Olympics, KSA, 2018
  • Events Organizer, Mask Ball, KSA 2017
  • Cambridge PET Exam Trainer, Niagara College, KSA, 2017-2019
  • EFL Lecturer, Lincoln College, KSA, 2016
  • Events Manager, Reading Cafe, KSA, 2016
  • Certified Cambridge Speaking Examiner, KSA, April 2015
  • British Council Teacher Training, English in TVET, KSA, March 2015
  • Teachers Workshop Trainer, Intercultural Competence in a Multi-national Workplace, KSA, December 2014
  • ESL Teacher, CINOP College, KSA, 2014
  • Masters in Applied Linguistics and ESP, June 2014
  • Speaker, A New Ingredient to the Mixture, National Conference, Jijel, April 2014
  • Academic Supervisor, BA Graduation Theses, University of Mascara, 2013-2014
  • Seminar of Literature Teacher, University of Mascara, 2013
  • Resume Writer, Globe Resume Malaysia, October 2013
  • Speaker, Effective Teaching: Going the Extra Mile, International Conference, Mascara 2013
  • Organiser at International Conference, Mascara, April 2013
  • Speaker, Writing as s Sin, Study Day, Mostaganem, May 2012
  • English Listening Teacher, University of Mascara, 2012-2014
  • English Speaking Teacher, University of Mascara, 2011-2014
  • Bachelors in English Literature, June 2011
  • Creative Writer, Freelance, Worldwide, 2010
  • Part-time English Teacher, 2008